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Thomas Curran is a social and personality psychologist working at the Centre for Motivation and Health Behavior Change in Bath, UK as well as being part of the Motivation, Personality and Well-being research group in York, UK. Curran also teaches as an assistant professor at the University of Bath. In his TED talk he gives us an insight into his research findings concerning the rise of attaining perfectionism in American, Canadian and British university students. He highlights the fact that our societies pave the path to an obsession with being perfect and as a result an extensive rise in mental illness in young people.

In her talk Eleanor Longden looks back on her own experiences with mental illness and her journey of recovery from psychosis. She explains how she believes putting a stronger and detailed focus on the biography of a person suffering from psychosis could help prevent those patients going through inadequate treatments. Now Eleanor Longden works as the Postdoctoral Service User Research Manager at Psychosis Research Unit (PRU) helping people overcome their their complex mental health problems.

Faith Jegede Cole is a British writer, speaker and researcher. Who better to give a TED talk than someone who strongly believes words can change people’s mindsets. In her talk she reflects on her experiences growing up with her two autistic brothers. She explains briefly what it means exactly¬† to be autistic in order to decrease the stigma and common stereotypes around it, especially as the autism is becoming a more frequent diagnosis. Faith Jegede Cole opens our eyes for us to perceive autism in a new light.

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